Glossy Snail Mail!


Glossy Pals Snail Mail Program

Our Snail Mail Program at Glossy Pals is FREE! Glossy Pals love to write to Kids,Tweens, Teens, Young adults and senior citizens. Snail Mail is such an important life skills because it supports writing, addressing an envelope, and learning to use the mail system correctly—all while having fun. 

Pick your favorite Glossy Pals or write to the whole club. Mail your letters to our business at : Glossy Snail Mail, 9815 Lake Pointe Court, Suite 304, Upper Marlboro MD 20774. We will write you back once your letter is received.

Our program is great for kids who need a friend, tweens who need advice, senior citizens who enjoy getting mail or you need to express yourself because parent just don't understand. You can email us at if you would like for us to start the letter writing. Just send us the address and any information we need.

The glossy pals club members meet every week to discuss lip gloss creations and give advice to our Snail Mail Friends. We can't wait to hear from you!