Glossy Pals empowers all ages to be a part of the "Stand With Your Sister" movement through our books, music and merchandise.

Stand With Your Sisters


Stand With Your Sisters, is a movement to support girls, youth and women of all ages. Stand With Your Sisters is simply a pledge to yourself to support and not tear down other girls or women. Rock our merchandise and spread the word.

The movement is to inspire those in your neighborhood, community or world to :
*take the SISTERS pledge and embrace friendship as a sisterhood, i pledge to:
       Sacrifice for you 
       Include you 
       Spend time with you
       Talk with you 
       Encourage you
       Respect you
       Stand by you


*Support early literacy and girls in education. (Glossy Pals Book Series)

*Highlight and share about girls and women from diverse backgrounds doing positive things.(email us what you are doing in your community with a picture so we can highlight you @

*Support organizations that promote positive female leadership. (We take 15% from your purchase and give back to organizations for girls or young women.)