Our Mission is to spread awareness to how impactful being KIND can be through literacy (glossy pals merch), Initiatives (Heart Find Project, Happy Mail) and workshops (Garden Education)!

Glossy Pals Club


Fall in love with the girls in our books by Glossy Pals. The goal of our book series is to support early literacy in a fun and meaningful way. The girls spread kindness, solve problems and learn the importance of giving back!


Meet Miah the heartbeat behind this bond they call sisterhood. Miah loves to dance, act and sing. Most importantly she loves her friends.

Meet Jenna she the artistic one of the group.  She loves to paint, draw and DIY crafts. Jenna loves to give back to her community and others.

Meet Dani, she is the athlete of the group. She loves football, soccer or any sport she can participate in. 

Meet Grace, she fights for social justice. Grace is the problem solvers and believes in justice for all. Grace loves being a leader and finding the good in people.

Meet Layla, she is the fashionista of the club, loves to study cultures and languages, draw and create lip gloss. 

India is the newest member of the Glossy Pals Club. Muslim tradition, mathematics and science and music are her love.