Our Mission is to spread awareness to how impactful being KIND can be through literacy (glossy pals merch), Initiatives (Heart Find Project, Happy Mail) and workshops (Garden Education)!

About Us


Packed with Kindness is a nonprofit organization that has a mission to  encourage kindness among youth through word choice and actions. 

Who are we?

A group of educators and friends who have experienced bullying or harm with mean words or actions. We found a common love of helping others through art and teaching kids how to cope in a society that can be mean. Therefore, we wanted to create something educational and kid friendly. Happy Mail is a great way to teach kind words, coping skills and help in their school and community.

What is Happy Mail?

We offer two Happy Mail programs:(Happy Mail Card, Happy Mail Care Package)

Happy Mail Cards includes a kid or adult created card, stickers and a bookmark. 

Happy Mail Care Package includes a kid or adult created card, stickers, bookmark and a Glossy Pals Coloring Book/Journal.