My mom bought me a rock painting kit from a store called Micheal's Craft. I must admit the last thing i would like to do it paint rocks. It took me two weeks to pull out this craft kit after several times of my mom  trying to get me excited. The rocks were pretty big. The kit only had two paint brushes. I must say i wish they would have added at least had four, especially with so many rocks it would be more fun to paint as a group then individual. Included was paint and stickers to make things fun.

I began to just paint the rocks no motivation. Then i thought i could give one rock to someone like a neighbor as a gift. I decided to look up quotes because i do not like to write and i am not a creative thinker. I must admit i found some great quotes to put on my rocks. So instead of one i decided to make more. I love the positive quotes and hey it is writing. I must admit the paint is not very thick so you may need a few coatings of white or yellow so you can write your quotes.

My mom told me to write about my experience with the rocks. I think she tricked me. My mom said she is going to send this to Glossy Pals. This is one of my friends business. They encourage girls find a love to write, to read,  and take a stand with style. I hope they like my post on rocks. 

 Blogger: Mckenzie Skye