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Glossy Pals featured in Kathy McIntosh Newsletter "That Very Occasional Newsletter"

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That Very Occasional Newsletter
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No foolin', I meant to get this out in March, but celebrating my birthday with a day in Bisbee, AZ, put me behind. But happy. We wore ourselves out wandering the old mining town and ended up eating Vietnamese noodles and catfish before heading home. 

Let me guide you to two sites that highlight courage and creativity. 

First check out Glossy Pals, a wonderful site started by a talented twelve-year old named Miah Smith Hudnall, with help from her mother. The site celebrates differences and awareness of kids who make an impact and encourages kids to support change. They do this with books, gifts and music. Sales of their books and products support a variety of charitable organizations. Miah's super powers are her voice and her lip gloss. The Glossy Kids Club books are on Amazon and other products are available on their site. 

My friend Su Swanne is losing one of those super powers--her voice. She has PBP (Progressive Bulbar Palsy), a rare form of another rare disease, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The disease is gradually taking her ability to speak, swallow, or chew. She's using her blog, SwanneSong, to tell her story, and her words and her courage and flexibility in finding solutions are inspiring.